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Vodafone Idea share


The biggest learning form Vodafone Idea is that not always stock price give better return in long run if we see in past stock price had decreased a lot over 95% losses can be made.

QuarterlyDEC 2019SEP 2019JUN 2019MAR 2019DEC 2018
Net Profit-6,538.70-51,051.40-4,932.00-4,936.80-5,044.40

Vodafone parent company have given Rs 1530 crore.

which is very small against it’s total liabilities of Rs 58,000 crore.

Also According to latest news Vodafone might invest Rs 8,400 crore more in Vodafone India business.

Though these infusion of money by Vodafone parent company is not enough but it show the intention to run the business.

Also great news is that Google is interested in buying 5% stake in Vodafone Idea.

Telecom business is very technology dependent and it’s upgrading cost is huge, so cost to company is also increased year on year.

Also Vodafone Idea need to upgrade to make it’s customers happy. eg if it does not offers 5G in upcoming time customers which start moving to Airtel and JIO which have the capacity to do so.

Given all that company wants some relaxation in paying of AGR which seems to be now ok with company that why it input such an amount in India Vodafone Idea Ltd.

If relaxation not given it might close down Indian operation.

Also Vodafone is planing to input more funds

Government will save Vodafone Idea and in today’s time definitely because it essential.

What worst can happen while saving, Dilution of share and restriction on selling share.

If we think about Vodafone Idea as penny stock then definitely it’s a great buy it trade on price similar to penny stock and also have great management associated like Vodafone and Birla group.

It’s might not be the safest investment but surely is a great one to do.

Disclaimer: These are just my research based on available information on internet. Please take guidance from you finaincial adviser for investment purpose.

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