Math behind Tesla Stock | Tesla India Opportunity

Tesla Stock | Tesla India | is it worth Investing ?

tesla an automobile company that has given over 700 return to its shareholder on the stock price in one year and that too in the time of kovac 19 pandemic so that is what making tesla attractive investment uh elon musk has created tesla and he’s a center billionaire like he has crossed his net worth over 100 billion dollar and there are very few companies that had made its owner a cent billionaire basically over 100 billion dollar the owner’s worth is over 100 billion dollars there are very few companies that had made it possible for their uh founders basically and tesla is one of them basically if you see in just over a decade tesla has given eighteen thousand percent return to its shareholder from three dollar per share to six hundred dollar seven hundred dollar per share and that is not it now tesla is becoming the like household name for u.s people in terms of stock market like now even smp 500 is considering it to move into s p 500 top 500 companies so now tesla is on the top basically in terms of all all the companies which are most popular and most uh basically strengthful company that creates u.s you can say slice among those companies and currently tesla’s market capital is around 650 billion dollars and if you talk about how much does this last sell so i’ll tell you in 2018 the quarterly sale of tesla cars were only 30 000 unit and now even after pandemic the latest quarter sale that is september 2020 quarter sales of the car basically how many units it sold it was around 139 000 units it has sold so you can say over the time of two years it has increased its unit of sales to four to five percent basically and as the sale of the car is increasing the revenue starts to increase because 93 percent of revenue came from selling the cars and other eight percent are from renewable energy uh generation and if you talk about the revenue from location most of the revenue is from us 70 percent of revenues from us and recently tesla has gone to china and now eight percent of the revenue is from china that was about the revenue where it came from so let’s talk about the revenue in september quarter 2020 the company has recorded revenue of over 8 billion dollar and its net profit was 300 million dollar so if you compare it to last year it was reporting basically losses till the last year and now it has start generating basically the profit which is too good for the company basically this stakeholders think that the company’s future futuristic company in future the company will surely be making huge profits but even today when it is showing profits then definitely shareholders and investors are very finding it lucrative investment so that is what making tesla attractive investment now let’s talk about tesla india lot of investors in india are also buying tesla stocks and people has also booked tesla model 3 since it was available to book from india also so many of the people from india has a book tesla model 3 for 1000 and even on twitter elon musk has commented that he will be uh launching in india next year maybe so we can expect 2021 that tesla will be launched in india so a lot of people are very much optimistic about tesla launching in india and generating huge revenues and profit from india but there are a lot of drawbacks for tesla to launch in india one is the cost since the cost of tesla even in america if you convert the dollar rate it will go beyond 30 lakh for an indian consumer which most of the indian consumer cannot afford but there is another catch that indian government takes up to 100 duty on imports of the car but there is a loophole in that that if tesla start manufacturing in india you don’t have to pay all the taxes he just have to pay very small amount of taxes on its part so on that note what tesla can do is they can raise the money by raising the tesla stock in indian market also that is one of the opportunity for tesla and for basically indian shareholders you can say indian investors though on paper all these things seems to be very attractive but in reality in india only 8 000 to 10 000 cars are sold which are electric also electric stations uh to charge the electric car are very limited in india basically only available in few metropolitan cities like delhi bangalore and mumbai other than that it is not at all available and in those major cities availability is very less so these are the challenges which i don’t think tesla can overcome easily in a day it requires not just uh basically money required support from government also so one of the option for tesla to come into india is that they can create a cyber bike basically just like a cyber truck they can create a bike which is electric that indian people can afford and it will definitely give more mileage so they don’t require too much charging station also this can help tesla to build start building their brand in india also so now coming to the point is it still worth investing in tesla when it has crossed basically six hundred ninety dollars uh you are invested from anywhere in the world is it still good investment if i don’t consider the price i would say tesla has a long way to go it can do wonders but definitely market can show correction and so the tesla stock can show the correction so i always recommend to do a long-term investment that can be uh helpful based on your analysis that if you really understand the business well if you really understand the company well and you are very much optimistic about the company also make sure that you understand its finances its debt its cash flow everything properly then only one should invest in any company

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