ITC Share News and Analysis

ITC Share News and Analysis

ITC share price fall rapidly in past. Is it still a good buy?

ITC Finance:

AnnualMar 2020MAR 2019MAR 2018
Operating Profit19,58918,54516,508
Net Profit14,98512,59211,271

Down side

ITC share was falling even before the lock down due to expected dip in cigarette business. As taxation increase was announced in budget 2020.

ITC lock down impact:

  • During full lock down cigarette, hotel business was impacted.
  • Possibility is there that smokers might quite smoking after this lock down.
  • Even after unlock Hotel business is impacted.
  • Cigarette is main business, which might impact other businesses of company’s fund.

Company strategy:

Increase dividend payout to create investors trust and put stop on falling price of stock.

Good thing:

  • 70-80 out of 120 location is operating, with about 20-60% capacity a month.
  • FMCG and essentials are still making sale.
  • Bought Sunrises spices, and is targeting 1 Lakh crore revenue in FMCG in future by 2030.
  • Cigarettes are habit and addictive.
  • ITC is debt free.


ITC wants to transform the agriculture sector.

Disclaimer: This is for educational purpose only. Make your investment decision with help of your financial adviser and not based on the about information.

ITC Share News and Analysis

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