ICICI Bank share news and Q4 2020 analysis

ICICI Bank Share News and Analysis

ICICI Bank share news and Q4 2020 analysis


QuarterlyMAR 2020MAR 2019
Interest Earned21,740.6819,503.73
Other Income18,380.8017,280.52
Total Income40,121.4836,784.25
Total Expenditure31,545.8029,363.84
Operating Profit (incl. Excep Items)8,575.687,420.41
Provisions & Contigencies6,598.215,739.72
Net Profit1,613.221,527.47
Gross NPA41,409.1646,291.63
Gross NPA (%)5.536.70
Net NPA10,113.8613,577.43
Net NPA (%)1.412.06

Profit to bank by difference in rate of interest that is called Net Interest Margin (NIM)

ICICI Bank Q4 2020 NIM – 3.87%

vs HDFC NIM – 4.30%

But last year for ICICI Bank Q4 2019 – 3.71%

CASA Ratio – Current And Savings Account Ratio, tells how much amount is present in accounts.

If this amount is more it’s good for bank as interest rate is low.

CASA Q4 2020 – 45.1% (better)

vs HDFC – 42%

But last year for ICICI Bank Q4 2019 – 48.77%

good to have more than 40% for any bank.

EPS 6.30% to 14.77%

NPA & Provisions

6,598 crore provisioning number almost tripled, so when assets is booked as loss in books.

More Provisioning, make NPA less.

Grow in income streams

Retail Banking growth more than 10%

Life Insurance growth about 5.5%

Price to Book Value Ratio

P/BV – Price to Book Value: 2.10

vs HDFC: 2.31

vs Kotak Mahindra Bank: 3.57

Disclaimer: These is only for educational purpose don’t use this information for investment, contact your financial advisor and make your own assessment before making any investment.

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