Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Share News

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Share News


Glenmark PharmaceuticalsReceive approval for manufacturing and marketing of drug, Favipiravir for COVID-19 treatment in India.

Medicine will be sold under name FabiFlu in form of tablet at Rs 103 per tablet. Useful on mild to moderate symptoms patients, which constitutes around 70-80% of patients.

This Tablets will be available in whole country within next week.

34 tablet stripe at Rs 3500. But only sold under prescription.

Glenmark produce all the API to manufacture the tablet by itself.

Also, manufacturing and marketing is done by company itself.

Already used in Russia, Japan, China for treatment of COVID-19.

Profitability will depend on how much company can manufacture, because demand is huge company have to keep up on its supplies.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Share News

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