Bharti Airtel – Amazon deal News & Stock Analysis and Buy Alert.

Bharti Airtel – Amazon deal News & Stock Analysis and Buy Alert.


Just like Jio got so many investment.

Bharti Airtel got deal in making, which is early stage with Amazon.

Amazon is likely to buy stake of 5 % in Bharti Airtel for worth $2 Billion.

Jio have raise over $ 10 Billion by selling it’s stake in past weeks.

Airtel Amazon deal in not yet fully matured so the terms are not yet clear in news.

Airtel owns a like of digital products other than just Telecom and Towers.

Bharti Airtel Price

Bharti Airtel Finance

AnnualMAR 2019


Bharti Airtel down side:

  • Debt due to AGR payment approx. Rs 10,000 crore.

Bharti Airtel Upside:

  • In past few years gained overall users.
  • Huge digital products and services under Airtel.
  • Loyal customer base.
  • Strong Brand name.

Final Conclusion:

Buy Airtel for long term profits can see a bit price correction but stock price will not dip below Rs 450. But have got great upside if investment is brought in and debt and AGR dues are paid up, net profit of Bharti Airtel will increase and company will start paying good dividend which can give boost to stock price.

Disclaimer: This is for educational purpose only. Make your investment decision with help of your financial adviser and not based on the about information.

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