Automation books


1. Learn Appium: Mobile Automation Testing Tool

About appium book: Best selling book on Appium. Learn Appium: Mobile Automation Testing Tool. It’s a book covering latest digital trend in testing automation industry and help to learn mobile automation testing tool Appium from very basics.


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2. Digital Human Workers: Build quick & profitable business using AUTOMATION, without human


About book: Digital Human Workers is a hand eBook for today’s Small and Medium enterprises to grab the opportunity which is present in today’s world to eliminate or at least minimize the operation cost of their businesses by using Automation, which is readily available. Not just business need to use automation to minimize cost but automation is basics for any business to stay relevant and will to survive. helps business and employees to stay updated and relevant in today’s Automated digital world.


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Upcoming books:

Lead the Motive: Book on leadership.

Preorder start on 23 Feb, 2018.

Harshit Ahluwalia